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The Original Cauli Rice ™

Cauli Rice is a revolutionary low-carb rice alternative. Our pouches seal in the freshness - making Cauli Rice last longer, without refrigeration or the need for preservatives. More...

Healthy & Convenient

At Cauli Rice, we advocate healthy eating and believe that nutritious meal options should also be convenient - otherwise, how will you stay on track? Because there’s not always time to cook from scratch – and ‘blitzing’ fresh cauliflower can be such a ‘faff’ – we created the first ever long-life, quick-cook cauliflower rice. No mess, no fuss!

Our ‘Original’ Cauli Rice is 100% cauliflower - with nothing added. It’s a great low-carb alternative and has up to 75% fewer calories than rice! It’s also Gluten-free.

Cauliflower Rice, Perfected

Our clever pouching process means you don’t have to worry about cauliflower rice going ‘off’ in your fridge before you’ve had a chance to use it (as can happen with fresh!). Also, it won’t turn out wet or mushy (like frozen can!) and, unlike many convenience foods, you don’t need to worry about nasty preservatives with Cauli Rice – because we don’t add any. Just half a pouch counts as one of your five a day and, because it’s much lower in calories than white rice, brown rice, or couscous, it’s great if you want to lose a few pounds.

Cauli Rice Products

Making quick and nutritious meals has never been easier. Cauli Rice cooks in just 2 ½ minutes and it’s also available in 3 great flavours – each designed to taste great with the meals you love. We are confident that our cauliflower rice is the best on the market. Its consistent grainsize (similar to couscous) means it cooks perfectly every time; never too hard but retaining a great ‘al-dente’ bite.

Cauli Rice will stay fresh in your kitchen cupboard, office drawer or even your gym bag! It’s perfect for dinner or a post-workout lunch. And, if you don’t have time to pan fry it, you can microwave it in the pouch. Just add seasonal veg and lean, healthy protein.

Cauli Rice has a similar texture to rice and, because it is available in Original, Mediterranean, Chili Beef and Spicy Chicken flavours, it’ll work with just about any dish you’d traditionally serve with rice. When paired with your favourite recipes you’ll not only enjoy a delicious, filling meal, you’ll be getting an extra serving of veg. As you’d expect, Cauli Rice is Vegetarian too.

Nutritious ‘Fast Food’

Cauli Rice will challenge your preconception of ‘fast food’. We know that staying fit and eating well can be tough with all the temptations of the modern world but we want to assure you it is possible! We’re here to support your goals and offer tips to help you across the line. Let our cauliflower rice be another weapon in your arsenal. It will allow you to eat ‘normal’ meals (composed of protein, veg and a side) and to avoid the hunger associated with carb- or calorie-restricted diets. If you’re stuck for motivation or quick, nutritious recipe ideas, there are plenty, here on our website.

Cauli Rice is great for the whole family but works just as well if only one person at the meal table is restricting their carbs. It can be prepared in a fraction of the time it takes to prepare rice or pasta and, with four variants, everyone’s tastes are catered for.

Experiment and enjoy food again, knowing that you’re saving over 200 calories (compared to an equivalent 200g portion of white rice).